e-Gov projects and references

Project references in analyzing requirement, defining solution architecture and managing large scale software development projects in Parliaments Governments and other Public institutions:

  • Assembly of the Republic of Albania – e-Parliament
  • Republic of Albania - e-Cabinet 2.0
  • Ministry for European Integration, Republic of Albania – Approximation of national legislation to the EU Acquis
  • Parliament of Kosovo – e-Parliament Assessment
  • Republic of Albania - e-Cabinet system for preparation of materials, meetings and decisions of the Council of Ministers
  • Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia – e-Parliament
  • Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia – e-Parliament Assessment
  • eSession – System for preparation of Government sessions
  • Information system of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Government Online Services (eServices - USLUGI.GOV.MK )
  • eGov Business Process Management System
  • ApplyOnline – System for online employment of Civil Servants
  • CSA – Central Register
  • System for automated allocation of cargo transport licenses

Three pillars of the integrated legislative information system

ICT have become essential in supporting the work of legislative bodies. As these technologies have matured and grown in sophistication, they have acquired the necessary capabilities and flexibility to assist the public institutions in the legislative procedure.

The e-Parliament, e-Cabinet and the legislative knowledge management system are the building blocks of the Nextsense Integrated Legislative Information System. Those solutions help the governments, parliaments and official journals to be more representative, transparent, accessible, accountable and effective through ICT.



Today, more than ever, there is an increased tendency of using the Information and communication technologies (ICT) as essential tools in transformation the work of legislative bodies throughout the world. Technology is fundamentally changing the delivery of public service and breaking down barriers for interaction with constituents. ICT has become sophisticated and flexible enough to assist the governments and parliaments in their most important responsibilities: making laws and communicating with the citizens.

Nextsense is enabler in helping Parliaments, Governments and civil servants to reach their full potential. Nextsense Government solutions help to strengthen Governments and Parliaments in twenty-first century to be more representative, transparent, accessible, accountable and effective through ICT.


Nextsense integrated Legislative Information System

The Nextsense Legislative Information System integrates multiple legislative stakeholders and processes into a well distributed and orchestrated legislation development process that transforms preparation and execution of the legislative procedure from paper to paperless.