• Intranet portal (internal informative, collaborative and social networking tool)
  • BPMS – Business process management system (contact approvals, RfPs, budget, resolutions approval, Business proposals, HS issuing, Directives and internal regulations; BoD organization, Procurement procedure…)
  • Web-based top up distribution network Top up business solution for direct and indirect sales networks (franchise)
  • Electronic HR managementr System for electronic archiving of the documents
  • Electronic archive management self care web application, with activation & ordering features and targeted marketing modules
  • Billing and invoice management & analytics Billing process management; Analytics of Invoices for business or customer purposes. Time & cost effective tool for billing. Delivers bills in a few minutes after billing process completion. Invoice analytics – usage per user, per type of traffic, per numbers called, simulations of usage with other tariffs /with competitors tariffs (tool for customers, tool for sales employees) analytics for business users (team tariffs or business tariffs per user & per company). Graphical presentation of usage. Bill analytics per customer segments for defining the optimal offer per segment. Bill analytics per region….
  • Campaign Management Application Managing campaigns thru one data centre - colleting & analysing data for all internal campaigns channels (SMS, IVR, Telesales, Contact Centre, Online targeted campaign, Direct marketing) per MSISDnN or per target groups. Response rates per channel, response rate overall campaign, Campaigns calendar… Integration with back end systems/CRM
  • Business Sales management tool online tool for creating customized business sales offers. Dynamique, scalable solution that can calculate gross margin. span competitive tool that can help you provide faster custumer offer than competorors.
  • Sales Customer knowledge application Online support tool for Sales and Customer Service - Internal web application with all marketing & sales related info and intuitive guide for cross or up sale.
  • SMS parking VAS for mobile payment of parking tickets
  • Application Maintenance (upgrades, operational maintenance, performance monitoring of performance, preventive measures, quality assurance etc.)
  • Application Integration (upgrades, custom interfaces custom adapters etc.)
  • Application Migration (functionality &data migration, system/platform migration, migration to new a solution etc.)
  • Security Certificates
  • IT infrastructure